Mixing Credits

album mixes and/or mastering

jamar rogers voice finalist
david brymer pihop
sam scott
beki hemingway
randy kerkman - spiderfence - in3d
sherilyn keller
ron keel
jeremy rosado american idol finalist
james tealy
michael ripoll
david walker
vineyard music group
mike wallace
darren and jessie clarke
crispin schroeder, faith wilson, raymond mcdonald of we are one vineyard live
the hymnals
jose pimentel
jj bassette
audio adrenaline
all follows eve
roots worship w/ john and marie barnett and ryan delmore
shofarband south africa
the born to kills
john walquist (featuring ragnar rosinkranz and phil keaggy)
caleb cameron
scott oatley
rie sinclair
cedric anderson
kevin max
the rescu
mark scholtz
red fire dragon machine
jeremy riddle
friends church aaron blanton
westside believers fellowship
ann arbor vineyard
when in rome the promise 2.0
ragnar rosinkranz
ginger sling (smashing pumpkins)
vigilant playground
tony sanchez
lauren grable
kyle megginson
michael williams
david ruis
billy somerville
mike stand and clash of symbols
billy kappen
brooke lambkin
charity chapman
mary makarios
glen veenstra
vancouver left
vineyard brazil raphael costa
reality, l.a. bryan ortize
mountainbrook church
bobby macdonald
chris lizotte
superfix (martina and anna from drain sth)
tom lillo
altar billies
winston davenport
kurtis parks
around the vineyard
kathleen sieck
terry butler
caldwell jack and the six pack
caleb cameron
mccuin band
james and the wild spirit
george dile
redemption city church
bethany parks

producers/mixers worked with

bobby hartry
stephen petree
james tealy
aaron rice
bryan carlstrom
dwayne larring
rie sinclair
daniel ornellas
jack kelly
aaron blanton
ragnar rosinkranz
ryan tallent
david brymer
doug bossi
chris lord alge
bob clearmountain
j. kevin swain
shaun royer
david brighton
hank neuberger
dave "the snake" sabo

theater movies

def leppard viva hysteria
alberta cross (dave matthews in 3d:larger than life) full surround mix and master
the who quadrophenia fandango surround pull and master

dvd surround pull mastering

the night james brown saved boston
marty robbins legendary performances
def leppard viva hysteria
britney spears live the femme fatale tour
owl city live from los angeles

live broadcast full surround mix and mastering

def leppard viva hysteria
the king’s men w/ kirk franklin, israel houghton, donnie mcclurkin, marvin sapp
maroon 5 live from le cabaret in montreal, qb (also released as a DVD with rerelease of their album, it won’t be long soon)
robert glasper
community of faith church houston
rodrigo y gabriela
gogol bordello
ben harper
evanescence live at the zepp
wide spread panic
the cinematics
the horrors
mando diao
we are the world haiti documentary

live broadcast surround pull and mastering

dave matthews
green day
foo fighters
neil young with crazy horse
the black keys
bon jovi what’s next in 3d special
lcd soundsystem
the new pornographers
mumford & sons
the national
slightly stoopid
sonic youth
the flaming lips

re-recording mixer for film

nick stellino story teller in the kitchen
greenhouse studio
charles baker aka skinny pete
big true
lost signals
modern music webseries
the guide

companies worked for

limepit productions
jade productions
natureboy productions
aeg live
control room
asx tv
abc music
ispy music

broadcast shows worked on

rothbury festival 2008
lollapalooza 2010
austin city limits music festival 2010
live from austin
global citizens festival

live mix work

VOLTO! featuring danny carey - tool
the dreaming
ryan webster
daena jay
terrance simien
brenton brown
terry butler
andy parks
david ruis
the hymnals
david brymer
david batteau
course of nature
kendal payne
valley vineyard

bands and artist played with

yellow house
peace child
glenn veenstra
the tories
almost ugly
three fires burning
vatrena king
steve counsel
charity chapman
tom lillo
bobby kimball
david ruis
jaye thomas
tracy thomas
kelanie gloeckler
kate miner

musicians played with

beth balmer
bobby hartry
aaron sterling
kris pooley
jeff perez
drew hester
grant taskerud
rob stiteler
kevin lawson
george bellias
steve bertrand
kurt & lisa masteller
brandon & adam culvey
chrissy shefts
glen pearce
steve latanation
dawn johnson
chris duke
michael villegas
doug matthews
david raven